Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Attractive Pictures of Strangers

Before this past week, I hadn't had any sushi in Japan. Sinful, I know. But don't worry, I then proceded to visit two kaiten sushi restaurants within the past week, so that makes up for it. Kaiten sushi is sushi that goes around on a conveyer belt and you pick what you want. At the second place we went to (and probably at the first too, we just had a japanese person with us the second time) you could order specific things and they came to your table and a little jingle played from the ordering computer machine. How Japanese of them. The plates only have one or two pieces of sushi and cost about 100 yen each, so it's a fairly cheap and very filling meal. The downside is you look like a fatty to all your friends in America.

Well, the reason I'm sharing this boring little fact about my past week is to show you some great sushi pictures. My sister expressed her dislike of the food because you're supposed to eat it all in one bite. I'm not sure why they made this rule, but it's pretty unfortunate. They could at least make bite-sized sushi, but that would be way too practical. SO, I took pictures of my friends eating huge sushi in one bite! You're welcome.

My hipster friend, Jordan.

My Japanese friend, Mari.

Weirdest girl in the program, Sherri.

Correction: weirdest girl in the program.

The cheater, Jessie.

Perfect form.

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