Monday, September 3, 2012

Picto-post #1

Some pretty boring pictures :

Hello, Kaihin Makuhari!
I took this the first night I was here (obviously 8/27/2012) at which time I thought to myself "I wonder if I'll ever know what this place is called" Success!

Hotel Springs: My room!
Looks pretty typical, huh?
Please don't ask me what any of these do

This was the hotel we stayed in, Hotel Springs. It was very nice I believe by Japanese standards. The beds were subpar but I'm not complaining, my jet lagged body didn't care one bit! Something pretty remarkable about Japan that I've noticed so far are the toilets. If they're western (American), they always have heated seats and come with about 6-10 buttons of things I'm too scared to press. If they're Japanese style, well....we'll wait until the next picto-post.

From there, I moved to my dorm in Makuhari Hongo.

Not a great picture but most of the buildings look
 the same anyway, so you get the gist.
My wittle room
Now how interesting is this picture?
Inadequate amount of clothing

Immediately after taking these I started
putting things on my walls.

messy, messy
Shoe cubbies!

Looks fine but don't let it fool you... no soap
or hand towels! What's up with that??
Eating area I have yet to use. I hope you're taking notes, Nova
Our in/out magnets (I'm the second one if you can't read Katakana)

Living room with computers

Found this nice shower when I was taking
pictures, will now be my new shower.

Now if only the tv were in english and played 30 Rock...

This should be fun!

I'm really not fond of the picto-post. I was going to add a lot more pictures but then it took me an hour and a half just to add these, so I hope you like them! Obviously I'm not living uncomfortably. There are definitely day to day challenges but when you move across the globe, that's expected. Spiffy little dorm though, eh? (my layover in Canada must have rubbed off on me)

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