Tuesday, October 9, 2012

October Updates

1. It's getting cooler! That's right, it's finally not the most humid place in the world! This week I even wore a sweatshirt outside!! This is huge for me, considering fall is my favorite season. It's also started to smell like a campfire on my walk home every evening, which I think might just be me wishfully thinking.

2. C or Better. At Villanova, our policy for abroad is that you have to receive a C or higher to get credit back home. At first I was like the typical student thinking "C or higher? Psh, I can do that." Well, it's hard here. I mean, you try doing homework when you could go all over Japan. I'm sure you'd be pretty bad at it too. Either way, I love you, C or better rule.

3. I ran! Okay, it doesn't really count because it was on a treadmill and I don't really know the conversion between km and miles. BUT, I just want to let you all know that the first 3 miles of my half marathon in January is in the bag. The 10.1 after that, on the other hand...

4. One month milestone. We've surpassed the one month countdown to when my family comes to visit!!!! November 5, everyone mark your calendars. Guys, I hope your chopstick skills are up to par.

5. Organized Amy. Hey, remember that girl you all knew in America? Who didn't know what was going on ever and relied on everyone else for all her information? Guess what? She's gone. I'm pretty organized here, if I do say so myself as I pat myself on the back. I make to do lists and I cook my own dinner and I take trains alone and, okay, okay, I'm not that independent. But I'm just saying, if you want to grow up, get your life together a little, come to Japan! (I can sense my family rolling their eyes)

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