Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Tokyo Disney Sea

This past Friday we didn't have our usual 3-5pm history class (who thought that was a good idea, anyway??) so we decided to make the trip to Tokyo Disney Sea! In Tokyo there are two Disney parks. One is Tokyo Disneyland and the other is Tokyo Disney Sea. As far as I know, the differences between the two are that Tokyo Disneyland has the castle, while Disney Sea has alcohol in the restaurants. All in all, I believe Tokyo Disney Sea caters more towards adults.

The park was a lot smaller than the 4 in Orlando that I'm used to, with many of the buildings also being smaller in scale. However, the detail of everything was pretty amazing. The Aladdin section in particular was absolutely beautiful. You could tell they really put a lot of time and detail into the intricacies of the park. They had a lot of similar rides like Indiana Jones and Tower of Terror (my two favorites of the day), but WDW definitely takes the cake on this one. I will, of course, have to research further in order to prove this statement this coming January. It's all about being educated in today's world, you know? You have to compare all the Disneys in order to have educated conversations about them. That's what will get me a job.

Anyway, we got to see a fireworks/singing/float show in the main entrance once it got dark. It was pretty awesome. All of it was in Japanese, which never ceases to surprise me. After the show I did get that giddy Disney feeling inside telling me that all my dreams could come true, so I don't think you really need to understand the words to feel the Magic of Disney. ;)

My favorite part of the whole day was at night when we found Toyville. This was obviously the Toy Story themed portion of the park, and it was even MORE spectacular than the one in Florida. I took a pretty hilarious video of a giant Mr. Potato Head singing "You've Got a Friend in Me" in Japanese. Katie just about summed up all my feelings when I told her about it saying, "That sounds like a performance that you wait your entire life for."Indeed, it is. But luckily I have this video at the ripe old age of 20 and can share it with all of you and enlighten your lives as well.

After Toyville I basically sprinted home, almost missing my curfew again. I think my dorm mom might go into early labor she's probably so mad at me. Luckily for me, Japanese people don't show emotion outwardly, so I'll probably never know if she actually hates me or loves me. Also luckily for me, she should be going into labor any time now. What a horrendous job for someone 9 months pregnant.

Here are some highlight pictures of Disney:

Unfortunately, the pictures of Toyville are on my phone and I haven't loaded them to my computer. But the next post will include them!

Tomorrow we're going on our first IES field trip to Kanazawa.  We'll be there from Wednesday to Saturday. We have a ton of fun things planned like going in our first Japanese onsen, participating in a traditional Japanese tea ceremony, watching people make miso, etc. etc. So expect a long, detailed posting of that! I'm really excited to get away and have no homework and no obligations and (hopefully) no wifi. Time to fall off the face of the earth for a few days in a little Japanese city!

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