Friday, November 23, 2012

The better family post

So now that I've posted the serious version of the family visit, here are a few of the greatest quotes from the week (and maybe of all time):

Fuji/Hakone Tour Guide: (talking about sexual harassment the train) "Nowadays I see men holding both overhead straps showing that he is doing no bottom pinch!"

Me: "Whatcha eatin?"
Liz: "Muffin-san"

Liz: "Alan, your shoe is untied"
Alan: "Harajuku. That means thank you."
(He proceeded to use all the Japanese words he knew frequently and shamelessly. Unfortunately, all of the Japanese words he knew were places he had been.)

Dad (choosing a lunch restaurant): "Let's go to an Italian place"

Me (first day they were here): "It's 1,000 yen"
Mom: "What's that?"

Me: "Hot dogs are American food."
Dad: That hot dog was not American."

Dad: "I'm hankering for some pizza. Don't tell Amy."
(notice all of his quotes are about food?)

Liz: "Dad, what's your favorite part of Japan been so far?"
Dad: "Well I didn't mind walking around the city until that Injuku or Harkari part. There were a bunch of weirdos there."

Liz: "I just got called a ganji...holler!"
(Gaijin (guy-jean), what she meant to say,  is a slang term for foreigners...not a good thing to be called)

Mom (talking about her visit to a Japanese doctor): "All the signs were in Chinese!"

what a gang

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